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Lets face it people, summer is gone but that doesn't mean you need to lose your summer body. There is no stopping it. This stack is for for when the sun goes down and the clothes come off. That’s why we created the Summer Shred Stack. A combo of Cellucor’s D4 fat burner and the stimulant free compliment, CLK. Together you can expect these two to shed those extra LBS right in time for beach day. 

UPGRADE: The Cellucor L2 is a water loss pill to lean you out over a 5 day period. You will drop all unnecessary water weight and be as lean and ripped as possible. We suggest taking this before a wedding, beach day, vacation, or just one of those parties when you think you will need to look good naked.

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Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock

Cellucor CLK

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