Product Review: Purus Noxygen or THE OG Pump Product

March 23, 2017

What is it: This is the OG pump product that started it all. Now a days, every company is coming out with pump products and they just don’t live up to the original Noxygen. Purus came out with this product before anyone else, and they never changed it. They did not have to. Pump products are supplements you add to your existing pre workout to amplify the blood flow affect which will improve workouts. You will look bigger and it will aid in nutrient delivery. Why this stuff is great: After one scoop, you will see the difference. You will see veins you didn’t know you had. You will see your chest and arms bigger than ever. It will make your...

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The Difference Between Cellucor C4 Zero vs C4 Original

March 19, 2017

Back in the old days, companies only had one pre workout, one protein, and maybe one other supplement. These were the days of sketchy supplements and poor tasting products. Now when you go to the leader in the pre workout category, they have a product for LITERALLY everything. You need to lift heavy, they got it. You need to put on mass, they got that. You need to cut, they got that. Now they add a product called C4 Zero and you are completely lost. Before you give up, we will explain what Cellucor C4 Zero is and who its perfect for. Brief History Lesson: Cellucor began in 2002, they were this VERY small company out of Texas. This was whey...

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