What Is SuperHD Razor & Water

June 23, 2017

About a month ago, Cellucor came out with SuperHD Fire to revolutionize the weight loss category. Cellucor used the delivery method along with novel clinically studied ingredients to do this. You can read more about SuperHD Fire here where we break it down.  Cellucor just announced two new products into the SuperHD family: SuperHD Razor and SuperHD Water. We will break them down here. SuperHD Razor WHAT IS IT Cellucor SuperHD Razor is a modern stimulant free fat burning formula that can be taken alone or added to a stimulant based fat burner to become more effective. The ideal scenario is pairing it with Cellucor's SuperHD Fire. The scientist that formulated them together intending on them being taken in unison.  HOW...

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What Wednesday: Glutamine

June 21, 2017

Glutamine one of those supplements that most people know but really do not know why it's so important. Glutamine has so many benefits when taken in supplement form.  But before its benefits, what is Glutamine? Glutamine is a non-essential and conditionally essential amino acid (body needs to get it from its diet) that provides the body with numerous muscular benefits. Fun Fact: Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue.  Glutamine has been proven to increase protein synthesis which means your bodies rate of using protein. The more protein your body uses, the more it is able to recover. This will prevent muscle breakdown and help cells regenerate faster. It has also been shown to improve your immune system...

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