Honest Product Review: Quest HERO Bar

May 25, 2017

What Is It: The Quest Hero Protein bar is from the makers of the greatest selling protein bar ever, Quest Nutrition. The Quest Protein Bar is famous for its great taste and the fact that its super low in carbs making you full without getting fat.  After Quest Bars came out, everyone else started copying them but could not come close to the taste and macros. Some companies choose not to mimic them and went after that "candy bar" type. This means it has a coating with goo-ey baked insides. They are absolutely delicious and I recommend you try the Pro Supps MYBar or Musclepharm Combat Crunch Bar.  The Hero bar is Quests version of the "candy bar" style with icing...

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What Wednesday: What is Beta-Alanine

May 24, 2017

When our bodies go through strenuous activities, your muscles get put to work. Sometimes, the muscles become sluggish due to the lactic acid build up. This acidic build up limits endurance and sacrifices strength. Introducing Beta-Alanine: the buffer to lactic acid build up.  Beta Alanine prevents the drop in acid levels within our muscles by increasing the amount of Carnosine (amino acid). Beta Alanine is so effective that it can increase the amount of Carnosine by 65%.  The result of this will allow your body to workout more effectively, longer, and push your muscles further. The more you are able to workout, the more results you will get in the gym. In a 10 week study, researchers found that Beta-Alanine...

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