Cookies and Cream Protein Ball

December 06, 2016

Ingredients:- 1 cookies and cream quest bar broken into pieces - 1/3 cup coconut butter- 1 tbsp coconut flour - 1 scoop Quest Nutrition vanilla protein powder - 2-3 tbsp water - optional topping: chocolate chips and pecans Directions: In a small sauce pan combine coconut butter and quest bar and mix on low heat until bar is almost fully melted and mixture has thickened. Remove from heat and transfer mixture to a medium sized bowl. Mix in protein powder and coconut flour. Add water 1 tbsp at a time until mixture is easily manageable. Form into a small ball. Roll in toppings and serve. Makes: 8 Servings Nutrition for 1 Serving: Calories- 97, Fat- 6.63, Carbs- 5.81, Protein- 6.13 Recipe provided by: F00dadventures

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Tips and Supps for the Best Nights Sleep

December 05, 2016

Sleep is one of the most important aspect of anyone’s life, no matter who you are. As a college student, it is very important to be well rested to be able to function and attain information throughout the day. Being on your phone in bed or drinking coffee too late can be some of the major causes why you are tossing and turning throughout the night. Here’s are some tips for the perfect night’s sleep: Cut the caffeine. I know the whole ~college students run on coffee~ lifestyle is super in right now, but honestly it shouldn’t be. Too much caffeine throughout the day can leave you wired when the sun sets, which in turn can lead to a disturbed sleeping schedule. So do yourself...

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