What Is It: XPEL is a powerful herbal diuretic designed to help the body eliminate excess water retention from beneath the skin. This maximum strength botanical formula also helps supply the proper balance of vital electrolytes to help maintain muscle performance and muscle fullness.

XPEL’s proprietary formula is designed to eliminate water fast. It goes to work quicky and safely to help flush out excess water while replenishing key electrolytes to help prevent cramping and keep your muscles strong.

MHP Xpel Water loss MHP XPEL Water LossMHP Xpel

Use: Take 4 capsules with 16 oz. of water twice a day- once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Do not exceed recommended dosage.


At any given time, you could be carrying up to 10 pounds of excess water. This natural phenomenon is called “subcutaneous water”, and it can easily contribute to a “soft and puffy” appearance and uncomfortable feeling. If you’re a bodybuilder, subcutaneous water can prevent you from being “dialed in” at your next contest. If you’re someone simply looking to lose a few pounds fast, subcutaneous water can prevent you from fitting into those jeans you want to wear this weekend!

Women commonly experience excess subcutaneous water around the thigh area, buttocks, even the stomach! They may feel it most around “that time of the month,” but it’s likely there more often than not- excess water seems to never go away.

XPEL is a great option for women looking to lose those last few pounds to fit into those special occasion dresses, bathing suits and other revealing outfits. XPEL can also be used to jump start the weight loss process for women who are just beginning a weight loss program.

XPEL’s Xeritone-PSD™ herbal diuretic blend uses proven botanicals to reduce water retention while its electrolyte blend helps you maintain a normal body fluid balance. More than the typical “water loss pill”, women can start to feel results in as fast as 12 hours!

XPEL contains water reducing ingredients that go to work around your cells while at the same time keeping the inside of your cells hydrated keeping balance inside the cell to help prevent that dry and “wrinkled” appearance. With XPEL, women will retain a vibrant look while eliminating excess water weight!

You train too hard to let it happen to you, but did you know that you may be holding as much as 10 pounds of unwanted subcutaneous water? It’s hiding your hard, razor sharp muscles and your vascularity. It’s also covering up your critical cuts and hard-earned muscle definition.

XPEL’s Xeritone-PSD™ herbal diuretic blend uses proven botanical fluid-reducing herbs to dramatically reduce water retention. The ample amounts of water reducing ingredients in XPEL go to work around your muscle cells to eliminate excess water and give your skin a tight “plastic wrap” appearance.

Unlike other water formulas on the market, the electrolyte blend in XPEL helps keep the inside of your muscle cells hydrated, important for muscle strength or helping prevent that “flat” look. And although XPEL is powerful enough for pro athletes, it’s also perfect for fitness enthusiasts of all levels who are looking to have a sharp, lean, muscular appearance.