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Wrist Wrap with Loop

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What Is It: Support and protect your wrists during workouts with ProSource Weight Lifting Wraps. The secure Velcro and thumb loop keep wraps in place to prevent injury and reduce pain during heavy weight lifting, or any exercise that causes wrist strain.

ProSource Weight Lifting Wraps protect and support your wrists with comfort and injury prevention in mind. The Velcro fastens securely and is adjustable for a one-size fits all style that includes a thumb loop to keep the wrap from moving during exercise. The unisex design comes in two colors and can be used for weight lifting, CrossFit, even yoga poses that put strain on the wrists. Reduce wrist pain and protect your joints so you can workout with more intensity and endurance.

Pro Source Wrist Wraps

  • Designed to provide firm and reliable support for wrists during weight training
  • Prevents wrist injury and maximizes workout routine
  • Features fully attached, sewn-flat thumb loop with double-stitched hook and loop closure
  • The optimal size of 12” long by 3” wide fits any hand size
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