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Have you seen Mr. Clean? He is massive. He has been huge forever. In a recent interview he attributed his hugeness to supplements. He could never have made it this far in his life without supplements. He said that he takes a solid creatine, top pre workout and a super clean protein. Whether you are jealous of him for his perfect bald head, his cleanliness, or his muscles, we decided to make a stack in his name so you too can be Mr. Clean.

The name Clean Protein by Man Sports is self explanatory. This will put on lean clean lean muscle without the fat. Its clean because of its ingredients. Speaking of that, Clean Protein is the very first fully disclosed protein on our site. This means the brand discloses the exact amount of protein in the formula. 

The pre workout in this stack is the most successful pre in our industries history. Cellucor C4 is a top pre workout because anyone can take it and it delivers results. People love it for the taste but more importantly, the great, explosive workouts it delivers.

The Creatine Plus in this stack is a creatine blend (4 different types) with the added bonus of betaine. Creatine blends are easier absorbed by the body and allows you to maximize results. The betaine will help the uptake and natural production of creatine. This formula is a powerhouse...literally. 

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