The IVY League Stack

Campus Protein

Type: Stack

We all need that edge - in the gym, in sports, but really in the classroom. The IVY League Stack allows you to improve focus, improve memory, protects you from the bad effects of stress, and supply you with a multi vitamin to keep you healthy. 

PEScience TRU CDP uses a special form of Choline to improve focus and improve cognitive capabilities in a general sense. It will allow you to retain more information while being more locked in for a longer time period....look at it as a study aid.

Cellucor Fish Oil is a special kind of fat that keeps the brain healthy, and improves cognitive support in the process. It also allows your skin and joints to heal faster. Usually when you are under stress, acne will appear. This fish oil will prevent that. 

Optimum Opti-Men is the #1 multi-vitamin on the market that loads you up with the right amount of nutrients and amino acids for the everyday athlete. Opti Men will not let you get sick no matter the amount of stress you are under, or the amount of crazy nights you go out before a big test. 

Take these three together and we will give you the confidence of any Harvard Grad

 Optimum Nutrition Opti Men

PEScience Tru CPD


Cellucor Fish Oil