The Flavor Flav Stack

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Type: Stack

What Is It: The two best tasting supplements on Campus Protein. The best tasting pre workout in Fuel and the best tasting protein in PES Select.  A stack that tastes this good deserves a name like this... Campus Protein Fuel is perfect for both males and females at all levels looking to enjoy their pre and get great workouts. It will increase energy, fat loss, and strength in the gym.  PES Select Protein is the best tasting perfectly thick protein shake for building muscle and staying lean. It is a blend protein so it will be perfect for post workout and meal replacement.  How do you like this stack Flavor Flav? Pes Select Protein and CP Fuel
Campus Protein Fuel: Get It. Wet It. Sweat It. (mix in 8-10oz of water) Select Protein:  Mix one scoop of SELECT PROTEIN™ with 6-8 oz. of cold water. Amount of water can be adjusted to meet your individual taste preference. To increase your protein intake per serving or to achieve a richer taste, use non-fat or low fat milk.
Campus Protein Fuel
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