Super Lean

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Cellucor Super HD
Rule1 R1 Lean 5
Sweet Sweat

Type: Stack

New Year, New You...right? The Super Lean Stack will provide you with the best trio of products to enhance your fat burning workout like never before. Starting off with Cellucor Super HD, you will speed up your metabolism, increase focus, suppress your appetite all while energized throughout the day. Then you have the X factor in this stack, Rule1 R1 Lean 5. This is a stimulant free fat burning formula that tastes amazing, allowing you to sip on it all throughout the day. It will compliment the Super HD, making it more effective while burning more fat for energy. The cherry on top is Sweet Sweat - a topical gel that brings more blood flow to targeted areas. It will make you sweat more in those areas and as a result, will help burn more fat. If you're looking to get super sexy, the Super Lean Stack is for you. 

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