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What it is: What Is It: SuperHD has become famous in this industry over the past few years due to its overall effectiveness. This new formula in its 4th Generation will make it even better. With a more aggressive formula and more efficient ingredients, you will use HD to help you reach your weight loss goal faster. 

Cellucor Super HD

How It Works:  The amazing formula from the past has stayed the same, with the addition of two new key ingredients: Green Tea & Slimpro®. Green Tea is famous for being a natural metabolic enhancer. In several clinical studies, along with a proper diet and solid exercise program, this ingredient has proven to help people lose weight. Slimpro® helps the body feel satiated and full while effective. This will allow you to take control of your "urges." This new HD is not messing around and everyone will enjoy the results after taking it. 
Cellucor Super HD
Use: Take one serving (1 capsule) with 8-12 fl. oz. of water in the morning, and one serving (1 capsule) with 8-12 fl. oz. of water 5-6 hours later in the mid-afternoon. Once tolerance has been assessed, if you are looking for an additional boost of energy, an additional capsule may be taken with your first serving of the day. Do not take this product within 6 hours of bedtime. DO NOT EXCEED 3 CAPSULES PER DAY. USE ONLY AS DIRECT.

Green Tea Leaf Extract: increases metabolism at rest, promotes retention of lean body mass

Slimpro: increases insulin sensitivity, signals for GLP-1 and CCK to suppress appetite

Dandelion Root Extract: diuretic (tells body not to hold as much water)

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine: promotes mental focus

Yohimbe: increases body temperature and raises metabolism, aids in focus

Cayenne Extract: encourages thermogenesis and increased metabolism

Toothed Clubmoss: Promotes alertness

Rauwolfia Vomitoria: similar to yohimbe, increases metabolism and focus

Caffeine: promotes thermogenesis and acts as adrenal antagonist to increase metabolism



Cellucor Super HD Supplement Facts