Summer16 Stack

Campus Protein

Type: Stack

Summer is coming and we all need to look our best. This calls for extreme measures. We need the best of the best and the cleanest formula. That is where we turn to Cellucor Super HD Xtreme for our best and most aggressive fat burner. It is a true 60 day supply so you can take one a day and watch your body transform over the next 60 days. That value is unbeatable...but wait there is more! 

This stack comes with Cellucor's brand new Cor Performance CLA that aids in weight loss and will amplify the effects of the Super HDx. CLA is an ingredient that will tell your body to use up stored fat for energy throughout the day. This just means you will burn more calories throughout the day. CLA is a magical ingredient and that is where the final product comes in, Betancourt Carnitine Plus. Carnitine is a very similar ingredient to CLA where it increases caloric burn, but it also protects your muscles from catabolism in the same process. It will burn fat and maintain muscle mass. The "plus" in the formula is referring to the aspect that it consists of 3 different forms of Carnitine for better absorption "PLUS" G.B.B. so that your body can produce more Carnitine naturally. 

Summer16 will your best summer...your best body...and who knows, you might end up in a bigger pool than Kanye's