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C4 Ripped
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Type: Stack

What Is It: Our #1 selling stack for the past three years has been the Cellucor Weight Loss Kit composing of Super HD (fat burner), CLK (stim free fat loss) and L2 (water loss). This is a similar stack but more dedicated for people who want a pre workout in their FAT LOSS stack.

C4 ripped has become one of the most popular pre workouts because it gives you the strength to lift weights as well as enough energy to run a marathon. When you take C4, your entire workout improves as well as your caloric burn so you lose more weight. 

CLK is a stim free fat burner that when taken with C4 Ripped, it will amplify its fat burning effects. CLK tells your body to burn stubborn fat as an energy source throughout the day. It will increase your metabolism and the rate your body can burn fat. 

L2 is the perfect "finisher" for this stack. Take this a week before any event and you will be your leanest, most cut, most tone, and sexiest. It strips your body of any unnecessary water weight. This is ideal before weddings, beach or pool days. 

C4 Ripped


L2 Water Loss

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