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Type: Hardcore

What Is It:  Rapid Test is one of Campus Protein's best test boosting formulas. iSatori is known for their science that delivers results. Rapid Test is no exception. It will increase strength and help build lean muscle faster than ever. 

RAPID-TEST is a scientifically advanced testosterone booster that goes to work in as little as 10 hours. The strength and purity of the formula not only elevates total testosterone, but free and bio-available testosterone as well. RAPID-TEST is the perfect training partner for men who are looking to jack up their anabolic status for performance in and out of the gym. Put RAPID-TEST to work today and see just how far you can push your results! 

How It Works: Testosterone is king when it comes to strength, building muscle, and cranking up your mojo. Many would say it's the true measure of natural anabolic hormones, and to drive hard toward your goals, you need to maximize your test levels … and fast. RAPID-TEST kicks aside average test boosters that may take weeks or even months to take effect with a formula that could push your test levels in just 10 hours flat.* Yeah, you heard that right … 10 hours.

The lead ingredient in RAPID-TEST (TESTOSURGE™) has been suggested in a human clinical trial to support total testosterone and bioavailable testosterone in just 10 hours!* The exact amount of TESTOSURGE used in the study is found in RAPID-TEST. Back this up with time-tested ingredients like Tribulus terretris, Calcium D-glucarate, Boron, Zinc, and a supporting cast of vitamins, and RAPID-TEST becomes a necessity in your supplement stack.

iSatori CT Fletcher Series Rapid Test

CT Fletcher Rapid-Test by iSatori

iSatori CT Fletcher Series Rapid Test