R1 Gain

Rule One

R1 Gain has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 3 reviews.

Type: Mass Gainers

What Is It: This is your high end Mass Gainer that will include the highest quality of carbs, proteins, and will not have fillers or spiking of any kind. When it comes to protein, Rule1 knows how to make the best and flavor it the best. This owner of this brand started the biggest brand in the industry (Optimum) and you can guarantee that they will deliver on a product like this. 

How It Works: Using the highest quality protein (Isolate, Hydroslate, and Peptides), you will get 50g with each serving that can be highly absorbed by your body. This goes hand in hand with the easily digested carbs in this formula. With 32 Servings, you will see GAINs fast, its in the name.