R1 Casein

Rule One

R1 Casein has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 8 reviews.

Type: Protein

What it is: From the family who brought you Optimum Nutrition, R1 Casein is their newest and best tasting Casein Protein yet!  You can help your body re-build muscle over night with this amazing formula from Rule One.

How it works: The most important rebuilding process for your muscles occurs at night and casein is a particular protein that allows your body to digest it all througout the night. Having one scoop of Casien a night is filled with 25g of protein that will protect your muscles all throughout the night! This formula will add BCAAs and Glutamine as well for even better recovery. 

Use: Take before bed or long periods without protein intake 

Rule 1 Casein Nutrition