Push-Up Bars

Pro Source

Type: Accessories

What Is It: Why push-up bars? Aren’t standard push-ups good enough? ProSource Push-Up Bars allow you to work your upper body muscles in a more full range of motion so you get more out of your workout. The positioning also takes the stress off of joints, reducing wrist pain common with regular push-ups.

ProSource Push-Up Bars provide an elevated position, allowing you to work the chest, triceps, and other upper body muscles in a more full range of motion. The result is increased strength and muscular development. The cushioned handle bars also alleviate stress that standard push-ups put on wrist joints, so you can take your workout to the next level without wrist pain.
  • Provides a greater range of motion, ideal for better development of chest and tricep muscles
  • Reduces stress on joints, so you can perform more push-ups without wrist pain
  • Durable and compact design for easy storage and transport