Protect The Pecs T-Shirt

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We love having fun here at CP but when given an opportunity, its important to also make a difference. This year we are bringing you the Limited Edition - Protect the Pecs t-shirt to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer. We partnered with some of our top brands who share the same values as us. Together we present to you a chance to not only wear an awesome tank top but also do some good. Proceeds from the tanks will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, who will use the money to continue with the efforts in finding a cure. 

Whether you're a customer, a rep of ours, or a partner, it seems like someone within our reach has been effected by Breast Cancer. Help us make a difference!

If you have any immediate questions feel free to reach us at 

Thank you!

-Team CP


PRE-ORDER NOTE: If you place an order for this t-shirt with other products your order will be held until the "Protect the Pecs T-Shirt" comes into stock.

Type: Apparel