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Rule1 R1 Protein

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Lets make it rain. Lets splurge on the best of the best. Lets get the most expensive protein and the pricey pre workout most people can't afford. Honestly who cares when mommy or daddy are paying for it. Regardless of whose paying, you deserve the best..or we should say, your muscles deserve it. 

Not too long ago, we brought on GAT due to the overwhelming demand for their pre workouts. Honestly, we have trouble keeping it in stock because everyone and their mother wants to take them. The Nitraflex science is the real deal, giving you exceptional workouts every time you go to the gym. GAT has their test boosting in your face beast of a pre workout in Nitraflex or they have their pump and sensory focused pre in PMP. The choice is up to you - click the tabs to learn more about the product. 

As for the top of the line protein, have we introduced you to Rule1 yet? This comes from the family that started the protein game back in the 80s...the Costello family that started ON. After their non compete ended, they started Rule1 with the intention to do everything they did at Optimum, but a little bit better. They did not disappoint. Their R1 Protein found in this stack is our leanest and cleanest protein we offer. Its pure isolate and is gluten free with only <1g carbs. We haven't even mentioned that this is the best tasting isolate we offer. 

What Is It: Rule1 Protein is pure Whey Isolate/Hydroslate fortified with amino acids - this brand was started by the same family who started Optimum so they know what they are doing with Protein. R1 will taste incredible and they will give you the best formula as possible. How It Works: The formula is as perfect as can be. This protein has ZERO sugar, ZERO lactose, ZERO gluten. It is loaded with protein, and is around 90% pure which is incredible. There is also added BCAA's (6g) and Glutamine to support even more recovery. Stacking this up to the competition will only help you choose this protein - just look down.  
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