Micellar Whey


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Type: Protein

What Is It: What is It: This brand new protein gives you the power of whey protein in a sustained release formula. MuscleTech's Micellar Whey digests at the speed of casein but offers 35% better biological value and superior leucine & BCAA content. This will allow your body to build more muscle than using a traditional casein shake before bed time.

Muscletech Micellar Whey

How It Works: MICELLAR WHEY is made from some of the highest-quality whey protein (the most anabolic protein available), it features a superior leucine and BCAA concentration on a gram-per-gram basis than casein. In fact, every scoop MICELLAR WHEY delivers 2.7g of leucine and 5.8g of BCAAs. On top of that, when compared to casein protein, micellar whey is better absorbed by the body compared to your traditional before bed protein. 

Use: Take before bed for overnight gains or take before a long day of classes. It can also work perfectly with another 100% protein for fast releasing anabolic gains along with a sustained release of aminos. This will allow you to build muscle in your anabolic window along with the hours (up to 6) proceeding. 

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Muscletech Micellar Whey Nutrition Muscletech Micellar Whey Nutrition