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BSN Isoburn
Cellucor C4 Ripped
Upgrade: Epiq Shred

Type: Stack

Looking better naked is Campus Protein's Mission. Whether its in the bedroom or on the beach, this stack will make sure you are as lean as possible. Cellucor C4 Ripped has all the amazing ingredients to help burn fat in the gym and the hours after it, along with giving you strength and endurance to get you through those hard cardio sessions. The IsoBurn by BSN is the leanest protein out there that will give you nutrients to build and preserve muscle but also help you burn fat. 

UPGRADE: EPIQ Shred is an amazing stimulant-free fat burner that can take this stack to the next level. It has L-Carnitine in it to trick your body into using stored fat as energy so you get leaner quicker. It also has raspberry keytones and Green Coffee Bean to help speed up your metabolism. When including this into the Look Better Naked Stack, you will see drastic results in as little as three weeks! (Retail: $32.99)

Product Highlights:

Ripped contains:
- L-Carnitine: a proven anabolic ingridient that tricks your body into burning more fat for energy while protecting existing muscle
- Green Coffee Bean Extract: has been proven to boost ones metabolism so they burn more calories per hour...for hours at a time 
- CapsiMAX: a metabolism booster that will heat up your body so that it can "cook" the fat right off your body
- Forskohii: The secret ingredient that ties everything together and will help stabilize overall mood, suppress appetite, and speed up the metabolism

- 120 Calories per serving 
- Whey Protein Isolate is the main source 
- Contains Green Coffee Bean, L-Carnitine to burn fat and speed up your metabolism

EPIQ Shred
- 200mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract
- L-Carnitine & CLA to burn more fat for energy
- Raspberry Keytones to speed up metabolism
- Perfect to add/stack with a stimulant fat burner (ex: C4 Ripped) 

C4 Ripped