Pro Supps


Type: Hardcore

What Is It:åÊKarbolic is the NEW advanced formula with faster results; The Next Generation Carbohydrate. It‰۪s what the Pros use! Karbolic has been instantized, so there is no waiting for it to mix! Plain and simple, the best thing you can do before, during and after your workouts is drink high quality Karbolic. Karbolic is designed to get the carbs and nutrients through the stomach and into the muscle, where they belong!



Prior To Exercise:åÊConsume 1/2 serving of Karbolic‰ã¢ with 16-oz of cold water 45 minutes before exercise.

Immediately Following Exercise:åÊConsume 1 serving of Karbolic‰ã¢ to replenish glycogen levels and drastically enhance recovery. If you prefer, you can mix 1 serving of Karbolic‰ã¢ with your favorite protein powder for an ideal meal replacement shake.

Advanced Users Only: For skin-splitting muscle pumps, stack ProSuppså¨ I-Load‰ã¢ with 1-2 scoops of Karbolic‰ã¢ 30 minutes prior to exercise.