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Dr. Jekyll 30 Servings
Mr. Hyde 30 Servings

Type: Stack

This is the best of both worlds. Pro Supps top pre workout for insane energy in Mr. Hyde and their pump product in Dr. Jekyll 

What Is It: Mr Hyde is made for the most extreme gym goer who wants the most effective pre workout on the market. This product will give you laser focus and killer workouts every single time. This product is the mecca of all pre workouts. If you feel yourself "getting used" to your pre, its time for Mr. Hyde.

Jekyll and Hyde

How it Works: Mr. Hyde has 16 active ingredients that will make you go nuts in the gym. Usually when you exaggerate a products experience, it comes with high expectations...Mr. Hyde delivers on those expectations. It will used three forms of caffeine to give you energy before you workout, during, and after to prevent a crash. It says 400mg of caffeine on the label but just know that it is not all at once. Finally, with a precise amount of creatine and focus agents, you will be able to see tunnels while hitting personal records with each and every workout.

What it is: This is Pro Supps lesser caffeinated version of Mr. Hyde, with more of a focus and pump factor. 


Jekyll and Hyde


How it Works: The ingredients in this pre workout are tailored towards a pump more than an intense energy boost. 

Use: Take 20-30 mins before the gym 

How Much Caffeine is in Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll: 100mg/Serving

Jekyll and Hyde