IsoPrime 100% Beef Protein


Type: Beef Protein

Beef is one of nature’s best protein sources and is highly regarded by both the scientific community and athletes for its muscle building attributes. Now, you can get all the muscle building benefits of beef in a great tasting protein drink without the fat, cholesterol, sugar or lactose associated with other protein supplements. MHP’s IsoPrime 100% BEEF™ uses an advanced hydrolysis process to yield a delicious, easy-to-digest and highly bioavailable concentrated pure beef protein isolate, while removing all the fat and cholesterol. IsoPrime 100% BEEF is even more concentrated in amino acids than whey isolate. The hydrolyzation of pure beef also allows for the fast absorption of all the key amino acids, including BCAAs to support muscle growth and repair. IsoPrime 100% BEEF is derived from USDA inspected beef that is non-GMO, rBST free and hormone free. It is 100% Beef Protein Isolate and contains no gelatin or collagen.

This highly anabolic, fast digesting protein supplement is also great tasting! IsoPrime 100% BEEF utilizes the advanced TasteTech™ proprietary flavor system to provide best-in-class Chocolate and Vanilla Caramel flavors.