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What Is It: I Focus is a focal agent that allows you to zone in like never before. It improves performance and will help increase your G.P.A. Whether you are taking it to hit the books, hit the sports field, or just to give you energy, iFocus will improve the overall quality of your mental health

How it Works: You will get hours and hours of tunnel vision from the results of iFocus. This product has 26 specially chosen ingredients to help your brain focus, remember more information, recall information, and react quicker. 

More Info

  • Support Cognitive Function +
  • Enhances Mental Clarity +
  • Elevates Mood & Mental Focus +
  • Controls Occasional Nervousness +

Use: : As a dietary supplement for adults, take 2 capsules in the morning with food. For optimal, results take 2 capsules every 8 hours or as directed by your healthcare professional.