Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite


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What Is It: Hydroxycut is an extremely popular thermogenic… and for good reason. Hydroxycut has a cutting edge formula that backs up its reputation, and will give you the necessary push your body needs to burn that stubborn fat. 

How It works: Not only does Hydroxycut contain the caffeine you’ve come to expect from a thermogenic, it has a few tricks up its sleeve. Theobromine, a caffeine precursor, signals to the body not to break down muscle glycogen for energy, leaving your fat as the main target. Forskolin keeps your hormones in check, keeping you from feeling like garbage while trying to lose weight, while also helping to curb appetite. Along with that, Forskolin influences enzymes which promote fat-burning and adrenaline production. L-Theanine adds to this effect, lowering stress levels… But in combination with Hydroxycut’s caffeine content, L-Theanine also improves brain function and overall mood. 

Use: Take 2 Caps or 1 Scoop in the morning 30 minutes before your first meal and then another serving 5 hours later (take a week to adjust to the stimulant before doing 2 doses a day) Muscle Tech Hydroxy Cut Hardcore Elite  

Muscle Tech Hydroxy Cut Hardcore Elite