Get Ripped or Die Trying

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50 Cent showed us what hard work and determination gets you..same goes with getting ripped right? Well here is the stack to get you cut, shredded, yoked for the summer months ahead. 

Starting off with a strong cutting pre workout in Pro Supps Mr. Hyde CUTZ, this will ramp up your calorie burn with ZERO creatine. It will help you use stored fat for energy and get you through your entire workout. 

Still need more help, that is where Scivation Xtend Ripped comes in. Xtend BCAAs are the best in the biz because they help build lean muscle and also have a fat burning effect...this product adds two more ingredients to make you even more ripped. It will be perfect to drink during your workouts.

Finally the leanest protein possible in Dymatize ISO 100 - a lean whey protein isolate with only calories from the protein you consume post workout. 


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