Fat Funeral Stack

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Fat Funeral Stack has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 11 reviews.

Type: Stack

What it is: I would start wearing all black to the gym, because while on this stack, you will be killing all those fat cells in your body! By the end of this stack you will catch yourself in the mirror and say...DAMN that's ME!

How it works: 

NEON Sports Thermo-Rev: You will experience insane energy and focus along with a solid fat burn for the entire day. It will REV up your bodies metabolism and get you burning those extra calories both in the gym and just standing still. 

Rule1 R1 Lean 5: Staring off with CLA, this ingredient will tell your body to go into fat stores (abs) for energy. The Garcinia Cambogia & Raspberry Keytones in this formula will shrink fat cells so your body will be able to burn fat easier. The next ingredient in this formula is the magnificent L-Carnitine which tells your body to preserve muscle and use fat as its main energy source. This will allow you to tone more efficiently. Finally, the green tea (non stimulant) will help your body speed up its metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day. 

UPGRADE: The Cellucor L2 is a water loss pill to lean you out over a 5 day period. You will drop all unnecessary water weight and be as lean and ripped as possible. We suggest taking this before a wedding, beach day, vacation, or just one of those parties when you think you will need to look good naked.

Use: Take all the stack in the morning when you wake up - always refer to the nutritional label for more accurate times to take each supplement.