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Purus Labs MyoFeed
Campus Protein Fuel
Cellucor Cor Creatine

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College requires a lot, especially when it comes to budgeting. You have your beer money, and then your beer money, then textbook budget. What comes next? If you ask a meat head, supplements come next so this is where the College Budget Stack comes in. 

Here, we offer you a high quality protein, 30 servings of the best pre workout (not bias at all), and the #1 selling creatine on the market. 

Purus Labs Myofeed is a delicious tasting protein that has something called Clear Facts so you can check the test results of that particular bottle. You can see exactly how much protein is in there for all your gains. 

Campus Protein Fuel is a hard hitting pre workout made specifically for the college student. Fuel will deliver pumps, tunnel vision, and strength to make every workout your best.

Cellucor Cor Performance Creatine is the most studied supplement and all the studies demonstrate how vital creatine is when building muscle and working out. This can be added to your pre, protein or taken by itself due to it being unflavored. 


Campus Protein Fuel

Cellucor Cor-Performance Creatine