Clean Protein


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Type: Protein

•ÈÀWhat Is It:åÊClean ProteinåÊfeatures a full disclosure protein blend. This means you know exactly how much of each protein source you are consuming. Typically blended protein products feature a proprietary blend of ingredients, leaving you in the dark as to what's in them.åÊ

What makesåÊClean ProteinåÊstand out from the rest is the fact that we disclose the ‰ÛÏcomplete protein‰۝ or ‰ÛÏyielding‰۝ values of each protein source. Protein sources vary in how much complete protein they yield. For example, the Whey Protein Isolate we use in Clean Protein is a 90% Isolate. This means that not all 100% of the raw material is a complete protein.

There are even some brands on the market that claim to have full disclosure protein blends, yet still don‰۪t list how much complete protein each source yields, rather they list the total protein content to inflate the amount on the label.


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