Clean Fat Burner



What Is It: This is BSN's Clean Series Fat Burner. It is NCAA approved, and is packed with safe ingredients to help you lose weight fast by speeding up your metabolism

There were a few good ingredients in here, but unfortunately the problem wasn’t they put it, it’s what they didn’t put in:

The Green Coffee Bean was a great addition

Although it contains no caffeine, Green Coffee Bean gives your body a great thermogenic boost.

The chlorogenic acid in this bean helps cut down the amount of glucose in the liver. Without this stored, the body must look to other resources for energy, and moves on to your fat stores.

As was the Caffeine Anhydrous

This natural stimulant is great at boosting both energy levels and your body’s metabolism. If you’re struggling to keep up while you’re on a low calorie diet, it’ll definitely come in handy.

The Cissus Quadrangularis was a different choice

Not so much of a fat burner but more of a joint aid. It’s used among athletes to keep up bone health, but there’s not that much evidence to back it all up yet.

However the evidence for the Grapefruit Bioflavonoids is thin

This citric nutrient is thought to promote fat loss. However, only one study has come forward so far that touts the effects of Grapefruit – grapefruit was used with a combination of other citrus fruits.

It’s unclear how much of this was the grapefruit. You can read the study here.

Yerba Mate helps get a little more caffeine in there

There are some ties to Yerba Mate helping with fat oxidation, however not enough evidence has been collected. The only benefit it serves at the moment is supplying us with more caffeine which can help boost those energy levels.

And Cayenne Pepper is just a great thermogenic

This chili is always a solid way to burn extra calories. By raising your body’s core temperature due to it’s heat, the process your body must carry out to regulate itself burns calories, and allows you to benefit from a solid thermogenic effect.


BSN Clean Fat Burner