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When you want to put on muscle, there is two questions you ask yourself. Do you want to do it the fast way and add fat simultaneously or the hard way and take twice as long using a low calorie diet. The first one is called a "Dirty Bulk" and that is tough because you have to cut after due to the fat gain. This stack can help solve all your problems. 

This begs the old question, "Can I put on muscle without the fat?" 

Introducing, the CLEAN BULK STACK - A mix of three products proven to build muscle and keep you lean at the same time. The active ingredient in all three of these products (Bio-Gro) allows one to digest more protein per hour than one normally can. This results in you being able to build muscle faster through recovery. After taking Bio-Gro for a month, you will be able to see muscle growth but most of all, strength gains as well. Now lets get into the products that make up the CLEAN BULK STACK: 


PRE GRO: This is the most intense pre workout on the website that offers athletes the most insane pump they have ever felt, two forms of Creatine (Mono&HCL), along with the active ingredient Bio-Gro to help build muscle faster. On your first workout, you will notice that your muscles will feel as tight as ever and you will hit every personal record possible. 

HYPER GRO: Hyper Gro offers an 8 hour protein release that allows you to build more muscle than your average 100% whey (clinically proven). Additionally, Hyper Gro provides a clinical dose of Betaine, two forms of Creatine (Mono&HCL), and of course, the muscle building magic ingredient, Bio-Gro.

Each of these products offers you 1 scoop of Bio-Gro per servings (1.5g) so you will need your own personal bottle to add so that you get a total of 4+ Scoops a day (personal amount correlated to weight - see bottle for instructions). 





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