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What Is It: Protein is the key to all muscle gains. It is the key to recovery. And it is the key to a healthy diet. It has been proven numerous times that taking protein post workout is vital. The type of protein is very important though. You need quick digesting protein that is in the form of Isolate and Concentrate. This is where Cellucor Cor Performance Whey comes in. This is the highest quality whey protein to nourish the body quickly.  It is also known that muscle recovery happens at night. You need good long sleeps so that your body can go into "repair mode." When this happens, it uses the stored protein from your diet and feeds the muscles. This is where Cellucor Cor Performance Casein comes in. This slow 8-hour digesting protein is a delicious before the bed shake. It will digest while you sleep and help aid in recovery. 

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Cellucor Protein Whey and Casein