C4 On The Go Sampler


C4 On The Go Sampler has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 5 reviews.

Type: RTD


Top 3: 1 x Icy Blue Razz, 1 x Watermelon, and 1 x Fruit Punch

12 Pack Option: 4 x Icy Blue Razz, 4 x Watermelon, and 4 x Fruit Punch

15 Pack Option: 3 x Icy Blue Razz, 3 x Watermelon, 3 x Fruit Punch, 3 x Pink Lemonade, and 3 x Cherry Limeade

Ready to Drinks are sometimes pricey when comparing them to the powder version. We here at CP want everyone to try the highly anticipated C4 RTD. It tastes incredible and it is a solid creatine free pre workout. If you are familiar with C4, this is a very similar formula but about 1.5x stronger. 


Cellucor C4 On The Go

Cellucor C4 On The Go