C4 50x


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Type: Pre-Workout

What Is It: Cellucor has made the #1 Pre Workout over the past 4 years with their legendary C4 formula. C4 50x is the same formula along with 50% more active ingredients (makes it stronger so you do not have to take more scoops) along with new ingredients to take your workout to the next level.
Cellucor C4 50x
How it Works: When Cellucor added 50% more active ingredients, they made the existing formula 50% stronger...but that was not enough. When you take a Pre Workout, you need energy, both before and during the workout. C4 50x also has 3 new forms of caffeine that hit the body very strong without you getting used to it. You can take this pre for months and experience the same energy as you did with your first time trying it. 
  • BETA ALANINE: an amino acid, makes a compound in your body called carnosine, which supports muscular endurance. (2.4g per serving)
  • CREATINE NITRATE: (NO3-T) most advanced form of creatine to-date Promotes muscular energy during intense exercise. Supports lean muscle growth Improves muscular endurance and peak power University Studied
  • CAFFEINE: has thermogenic properties, supports mental alertness, and can help in the performance of cognitive tasks and reaction times
  • TEACOR™: (tetramethyluric acid / Theacrine) is an alkaloid structurally similar to caffeine that has been studied and the preliminary results indicate the body does not adapt as quickly as caffeine, therefore prolonging tolerance buildup. Hence, “The new C4 hits like the first time, every time.”
  • XCELICOR™: (caffeine pterostilbene cocrystal) an innovative patent protected caffeine ingredient which combines caffeine and pterostilbene to slow 
A 360° VIEW OF C4 50X:
  • 50% more explosive formula
  • Features TeaCor™
  • XCELICOR™ for energy
  • Available in the classic C4 flavors
  • Made for the extreme

Cellucor C4 50x Supplement Facts