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Type: Pre-Workout

What is It: Man Sports Blockbuster is a concentrate, creatine free pre workout to enhance your workout. Man Blockbuster will improve strength and energy in the gym. This pre workout will hit you and hit you hard. The formula is intended to give you super clean energy, solid pumps, and of This will ultimately lead to better workouts and better results in the gym! 

MAN Sports Blockbuster Pre Workout

Man Sports Blockbuster is a concentrate pre workout (small scoop) that does not over do it in the energy aspect of the formula. This pre will deliver clean energy, great amounts of focus, and a heck of a pump. 

MAN Sports Blockbuster

AAKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate): Nitric Oxide booster that promotes pumps during your workout.*

Beta-alanine: A naturally occurring beta amino acid that helps boost intramuscular buffering so you can train harder and longer.* This is what provides the “tingle” feeling.

Hydromax™ Glycerol Powder: promotes pumps through increasing the concentration of fluid in the muscle tissue.* Also aids in hydration and helps promote increased endurance & stamina.*

Choline Bitartrate: a nootropic powder promoting mood, increased focus & alertness and less “brain fog.”*

Green Coffee Beans (Standardized for Natural Caffeine): a proven source for super clean energy.*

Man Sports Blockbuster Pre Workout