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What Is It: Bio Gro is one of the fastest growing supplements in a ground breaking new category. It comes in flavored (tastes amazing alone or in a shake) and in unflavored.

What It Does: Bio Gro is simple, it allows your body to digest more protein every hour so that your muscles can recover and build faster than ever. For example, if you normally digest 9g of protein per hour, Bio Gro will allow you to more than double that to 20g per hour.

Double the protein, double the GAINS!

It can be taken to build muscle in gaining season (best with a mass gainer) or taken to preserve muscle while cutting. This is the only product in its category (patented) and will be a staple in your supplement stack for a very long time! 

Isatori Bio-Gro

How It Works: Here's the low down... BioGro contains bio active peptides (broken down proteins) which allow the body to increase the rate of protein absorption. Follow the science...absorbing more protein = increased rate of muscle recovery = building lean muscle mass faster = burning more calories = the chain reaction of awesome. Don't thank us...thank science.




Use: If you're under 200 pounds- 1 scoop. If you're over 200 pounds- 2 scoops. This is unflavored powder mixes well in your shakes or with semi-solid and liquid-based foods such as oatmeal, yogurt, etc.


Nutritional Information

iSatori Bio Gro