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What Is It: The most ideal pre workout enhancer for people who train on an empty stomach, ketogenic dieters and/or believe in low carb diets. Ketones are a fuel source your body uses when it is in a "starving" state. This is when you wake up or do not eat for a very long time. Ketones will force your body to burn more stored fat for energy due to its depleted state (ketosis). This formula will use exogenous (body cannot produce) ketones to amplify this process and serve as an energy source. 

BPI Best Pre Workout

How It Works: Best Pre Workout contains the endogenous ketone beta-hydroxybutrate (BHB) in sodium, magnesium, and potassium salt form. Ingestion of BHB has been shown to raise the levels of blood ketones (BHB and AcAc) for 2.5-3 hours after ingestion.* This spike in levels will allow your body to use fat as fuel over glucose from insulin spiking. This will allow you to burn more calories during fasted training as well as after. The addition of Caffeine, Choline and MCTs will increase focus so that you can zero in workout after workout.  

BPI Best Pre Workout

Use: Take one (1) serving (1 scoop) approximately 15-30 minutes prior to training, blended into 8 ounces of cold water or beverage, or as suggested by a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Ingredients Explained


BHB is crucial in helping you save your hard earned muscle mass and not burning it away as fuel during workouts. By helping to maintain your blood sugar levels with BHB, your body is less likely to turn to muscle and glucose for energy during workouts and will instead turn to using cellular energy and ketone bodies produced from fatty acids. This is extremely important for when you are dieting and in a caloric deficit.*


Caffeine Anhydrous is seen to be a purer form of caffeine and much more effective and potent. It provides you with a long-lasting, extreme energy boost paired with enhanced focus and alertness. This intense boost of energy will allow you to train longer and harder in the gym than ever before to lead to greater strength, power and athletic performance. It can also provide increased fat oxidation leading to rock hard muscle gains.*


CDP-Choline has been shown in studies to help enhance mental focus, clarity and alertness. When you’re in the gym to make gains and progress, you want to be dialed in to your workout and not have your mind wondering. CDP-Choline will help you dial in with laser-like focus creating the ultimate mind-muscle connection.*


Solanum tuberosum can help provide the body with more energy but supporting healthy glucose metabolism. As we workout we burn glucose as an energy source and Solanum Tuberosum can help manage this. This may help protect against weight gain as we are burning glucose and fat versus that muscle that you want to keep and build…not lose.*


Taraxacum officinale (better known as “dandelion root”) plays a key role in treating water retention and bloat and can help encourage fat metabolization for energy.*


Lycoris radiate is a potent neurocognitive enhancement ingredient providing mental clarity and productivity.*

Nutrient Facts 

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