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Type: Aminos

What Is It: This is a sustained release BCAA pill that will give you one serving of Branch Chain Amino Acids immediately and then another serving 1 hour later. This is the first brand to do this in the industry and of course its Purus Labs. 

How It Works: Consuming BCAAs pre, intra and post workout provides substrate for energy, prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue and ensures a full and quick recovery. Our unique, time-released formula satisfies all 3 phases of exercise induced BCAA demand with only a single dosage; the gray beads release rapidly while the black beads release 60 minutes later, quenching your depleted muscles with another shot of BCAAs. Purus Labs® is proud to introduce BCAAXR®, the world's first time-released branched-chain amino acid complex

Use: Take one serving of BCAAXR® pre, intra or post workout to heighten muscle protein synthesis and speed recovery. Scale servings and frequency based on exercise demands to maintain peak BCAA blood plasma levels throughout the day. There is no upper limit to the amount of servings that can be taken per usage or per day.