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What it is: This is the athletes brands definition of a multi vitamin & mineral complex. Armor-V will protect your immune system and increase your energy and metabolism. 

How it works: Armor-V formula is so packed, the ingridient list is like reading a book. Musclepharm gives you a mineral complex, omega complex, veggie complex, antioxidant complex, pro biotic complex, and a detox blend.

  • Sustained energy and great taste for increased endurance*
  • Delicious tasting and only 5 calories per serving*
  • Caffeine and sugar free - can be used anytime, day or night*
  • Anti-catabolic / muscle sparing*
  • Mixes easily and completely / no clumping
  • Promotes recovery from training sessions*

UseTake 1 serving (6 capsules) daily. For competitions and intense training sessions: take 2 servings daily – 1 serving (6 capsules) in the morning, 1 serving (6 capsules) in the afternoon. Drink with plenty of water.

Nutrition Facts

Musclepharm Armor V

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