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Its 2018 so that means NEW YEAR, NEW ME crap...but why not...if you want to start working out to lose weight, we got you. Introducing this very limited edition of the 2018 BURN Stack. 

Starting with one of our best selling weight loss products in MAN Sports Scorch Powder, this 75 servings, good for anyone product only uses proven ingredients to burn fat and maximize energy. The only thing Scorch Powder needs to make it more effective would be Carnitine or why not get both and save! 

Carnitine and CLA will use the bodies stored fat for energy allowing you to speed up your metabolism while burning more fat. 


Nutrition Facts 
Scorch Powder
Australian Nutritional Label (active ingredients under)MAN Scorch Supplement Facts
Pro Supps Carnitine 1500
Pro Supps L-Carnitine 1500
Nutrex CLA
Nutrex CLA Veggie Capsules
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