Protein S'mores Pancakes

by Brooke Goldstein March 08, 2016

  • 4 Low-Fat HoneyMaid Graham Crackers (Broken in Half)
  • 30g Marshmallow (Cut up)
  • 85g Carbmaster Yogurt
  • 8g SF/FF Pudding Mix
  • 3g Splenda
  • 1.25 Scoop Cellucor Whey (45g) S'mores


In a small bowl you will mix half a carbmaster yogurt with the S'mores Cor performance Whey, SF/FF Pudding Mix and Splenda to make a very thick paste/pudding that will be used as a spread on your graham crackers.

Take the 4 graham crackers and crack them in half, and cut up the larger marshmallows to make them bitesize on the crackers.

Take a cracker and apply the Protein Pudding and repeat this twice (for top and bottom) and then place marshmallow in between and squeeze together.

Complete the process for all 4 halves of the graham crackers and then freeze for 15-20 minutes to help everything bind together (can skip this is optional).

Recipe by: Bob Kupniewski @bkupniewski


Calories ~ 600
Fat ~ 7g
Carbs ~ 92g
Protein ~ 42g

Brooke Goldstein
Brooke Goldstein


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